Our Story

Linda Murray Reborn artistLinda Murray has been a doll maker virtually all of her adult life. Linda started making dolls when her children were very young and she was always highly creative with her doll making. She invented new mediums such as ShellCloth and ShellChina and worked tirelessly on improving her sculpting techniques and artistic abilities. Those many years of painstaking attention to detail have certainly paid off.

Linda produces the finest sculpts for collectors and production companies
and our very special creative art company called The Cradle Ltd!

The Artistic Process

Firstly there will be a discussion between Linda and John as to what size and look and age the baby should be. Many hours are spent pouring over photographs of real babies until that special one crops up and stands out from the rest. Linda will start the sculpt working from the picture and that will be improved and refined again and again until the “look” is perfect. During the sculpting process, Linda will incorporate small but important details to ensure that the end reborning process is not forgotten. No matter how good a sculpt it has to translate into a first class reborn kit.


After several weeks the full sculpt, head and limbs and torsos, are sent to the best vinyl factory in Germany. It is here that the wax mould is produced and then presented to Linda for final approval. The wax mold maker is a master craftsman and it is at this stage that much detail can be lost if it is not artistically and professionally done. Linda makes sure that all the fine detail is still there from the original clay sculpt. After that the galvanic moulds are then made and the first samples are pulled from the moulds and sent to Linda. Prototypes are also sent to the body maker and the eye artist so that they can see exactly what is required. This really is an exciting time in the process. The mould making can take up to six weeks and it is not until you see the vinyl parts that you know what you really have. We also work with a wonderful cloth body manufacturer who makes a body that exactly fits each baby kit. He is a true craftsman and the best in his field. The bodies are made from the finest Ultrasuede doe suede material. With the later vinyl full torsos, we have a very clever and technical way of using a cloth body inside the vinyl torso. They are unique to us in design and quality and all cloth bodies have cotter pin joints for easy posing. Naturally, we only use the finest materials available.

The Reborn

The magic of transforming the vinyl kit, cloth body into something very special and lifelike as a reborn is now in the hands of the reborners. Linda and Helen Jalland will reborn the first of the prototypes to ensure that the quality and detail are all there. Once the photographs are complete we then launch the CradleKit through our network of Worldwide Distributors. We also send out a Newsletter (Sign up on this site!) and post on our Linda Murray Facebook Page.


With total control over the complete artistic and production process from start to finish, Linda will give the reborner the most wonderful kit to work with and, no matter what level of expertise, from novice to professional, they will ensure that you have a very high starting point and a fine reborn will be produced that will be loved and cherished forever. Are these the finest kits in the world of reborning? We would like to think so. There is certainly a vast amount of effort, knowledge and experience called upon to keep to the highest artistic and production skills possible. As with everything she does, Linda is dedicated to Beauty, Realism and Perfection and to your success as a reborner. Linda hopes that you will truly enjoy working on the most beautiful kits from The Cradle.